Solar Ventilator fans & Cooling

  Powerful home heat extraction and roof space ventilation without electricity bills or carbon emissions!
  Solar Powered Exhaust Fan - No Running cost - Increased comfort - Hundreds of pesos in savings!
  Reduce Air Conditioning and Cooling costs

Solar Air Ventilation & Cooling Fans

Replace your Air Conditioning System with Alternative Energy


The Solar ventilator works effectively at extracting heat from your home, work environment or wherever excessive heat can be a problem. With solar energy, you can reduce operating costs for your home air conditioning whilst still enjoying the use of an effective solar heating and cooling system.

Using a solar air ventilation exhaust fan, the Solar ventilator will remove hot air from the roof or attic space and may also be used for removing heat directly from the interior of the building. Eliminating the heat build up in your roof space reduces the heat load on your ceiling and therefore stops heat from penetrating into your living space. This results in lower internal temperatures and could save you hundreds of dollars in reduced cooling cost while at the same time increasing the comfort. Solar ventilators can be used for a wide range of applications including – Homes, Sheds, Offices, Factories, Schools, Nursing homes, holiday accomodation, beach house, cabins, caravans & many more!

If you are using ducted air conditioning – the Solar ventilator will increase the efficiency of your system as the space where the ducts and often also the airconditioner itself is located will be much cooler – and your system therefore won’t be required to work nearly as hard!

For smaller spaces such as your granny flat, boat, caravan, car etc. you may consider our Mini Whiz and Micro Whiz range.


Air Extractor Fans and kits

Low voltage 150 mm diameter air extractor fans that can be run directly from solar panel, and fit inside 150 mm duct. 

Powerful, quiet and easily fitted, these fans can run directly from a 20 - 40 watt solar panel.  The fan speed will depend upon the sunlight conditions.  Or you can run it from a thermostat and 12 volt battery.


We use commonly available insulated 150mm flexible duct, which fits straight on to the fan housing, along with neat plasic extraction duct fittings.  150mm PVC pipe can also be used.

Looks professional, yet can be easily fitted by anyone.


Large solar-powered heat extractor fan

large solar powered gable fan

Runs directly from it's own 30 watt solar panel, or you can run it at night from a 24 volt battery pack.   These are ordered in for our customers, but not currently kept in stock.

 Sub Floor Ventilation

A simple solar fan unit can be used to resolve Sub Floor dampness issues. Because the fan provides fresh, warmer air when blown into damp sub floor areas, it evaporates moisture and ventilates the sub floor, eliminating damp problems.

The fan unit can be inline or wall mounted so the ducting from the fan is short and minimizes loss. The 150mm diameter fan used for Sub Floor Ventilation only requires a 150mm wall penetration hole, and a 40 watt solar panel.


For really wet areas, if an extraction fan is also required you just need to add an additional 8 Watt fan and 20 watt solar panel to the above air fan system.

Using a fan to ventilate a Sub Floor area can prevent or improve any of the following issues:
• Mould
• Rotting floor boards & stumps
• Damage to internal walls & paintwork.
• Crumbling brickwork
• Breeding ground for termites, white ants & borers.


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