Solar Swimming Pool Pumps

DC Swimming Pool Pumps

The Solazone Combo pump is powered by a brushless 48 volt dc three phase motor that operates from a battery supply, or directly from its own solar panels.

solar swimming pool pump philippines

Perfect for running the pool filtration system of an average size pool, or just the solar heating for the pool, using four 180 watt solar panels, located on the pump shed roof, or somewhere near to the pool.

There is absolutely no running cost for this pump, and it is very quiet.

Expected life is in excess of 15 years, as there are no parts to maintain.

Other uses include independent solar transfer pump, fish farms, and circulation pump applications, where the total head is less than 12 metres.

There are NO running costs, and no greenhouse gases whatsoever !

The pump controller is a MPPT electronic unit, that maximises the amount of water flow by adjusting the voltage and current from the solar panels, to optimise running speed according to the solar input conditions.

There are solar power kits available to run this range of solar pool pumps.  Range of pump sizes from 370 watts to 2kw.

Six different sizes available:  370w, 550w, 750w, 1100w, 1500w and 2000w.

performance graph of solar pool pumps

The pumps are available as pump and controller only, or as complete solar pumping packages.

Pump Size Volts Flow (lpm) Max Lift (m) Solar Volts Solar Power
370w 48 163 8 57 480
550w 48 267 12 58 720
750w 72 263 13 86 980
1100w 110 350 15 132 1440
1500w 150 416 16 180 1920
2000w 220 650 21 264 3120

The kits comprise:

200 watt high output monocrystalline solar panels.

Solar panel mounting kits.

Connecting cables and safety switches with a weatherproof control cabinet.

Installation and Operating manual

We can offer an installation service in many parts of the Philippines, if required.

Call us for more details.



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