Solazone recommend Latronics pure sine wave inverters for their reliability, quality and excellent value


 These are TRUE SINEWAVE inverters
A True Sinewave Inverter produces the same or better energy than a grid power supply
Drawing its power from a battery there are no spikes or surges
This increases the lifespan of many appliances, computer screens, lights and other sensitive electrical devices


All Latronics inverters have an isolation rating of 3500V between AC and DC via the toroidal transformer, which ensures extremely safe and risk free operation.
All the switching electronics and control circuitry are on the DC input.
The inverter AC output is connected directly to the transformer output winding.
Latronics inverters have the AC output (active and neutral) floating with respect to the DC and the earth. The earth connection is connected to the case only. This configuration provides the highest safety and the most flexibility for installation wiring.


  • Latronics inverters are a quality industrial product made to withstand vibration and constant movement in mobile or marine installations, as well as the diverse range of home or commercial applications.

  • Innovative microprocessor monitoring ensures your inverter is fully protected against overload, AC short circuit and overtemperature. High and low DC voltage shutdowns offer further protection for your batteries, allowing trouble free operation.

  • Sophisticated sensing circuitry automatically switches the inverter ON and OFF with operating appliances. The Autostart is an important feature as it maximises valuable battery capacity. Sensitivity of the Autostart can be easily adjusted to either start small appliances or run continuously.

  • Latronics inverters mode of operation is continuously displayed on the front panel  by the four LED indicators. On/Standby, Overtemp/Overload, Overvolts and Undervolts.

  • Latronics inverters are built for extreme environments by using a recyclable powdercoated aluminium casing, a more noble metal than steel.

  • Latronics inverters offer a high surge rating to endure the starting of the most demanding appliances. They also have a generous half hour rating to enable the operation of larger loads for short periods.

  • To protect your battery from excessive discharges, the inverter will disconnect if the battery voltage falls below 75% of the nominal battery voltage. When starting a big load on a small battery, the inverter might shut down in undervolts. To eliminate this, the instantaneous undervolts can be disabled.

  • When the inverter is operating unattended it may be necessary to ensure the continuity of supply. The Automatic Reset feature (when enabled), will attempt to restart the inverter every eight minutes should a fault condition cause the inverter to shutdown. This feature can be turned ON or OFF, depending on system requirements


Latronics standalone inverters come with a two year warranty.



LS Series 500 - 1800 watt Sinewave Inverters

The Latronics LS Series Inverter utilizes the most advanced microprocessor algorithms which guarantees your power conversion is pure and stable.

The Latronics LS Series Inverter is the most powerful and reliable Inverter on the market.


Model Volts Power 1/2 hr Surge Weight
LS 512 12 500 w 550 1500 5.5 kg
LS 624 24 600 w 750 2000 5.5 kg
LS 648 48 600 w 750 2000 5.5 kg
LS 1012 12 1000 w 1150 3000 11 kg
LS 1224 24 1200 w 1600 3600 11 kg
LS 1248 48 1200 w 1600 3600 11 kg
LS 1512 12 1500 w 1600 4500 11 kg
LS 1824 24 1800 w 2200 5400 11 kg
LS 1848 48 1800 w 2200 5400 11 kg
Automatic change-over switch for generator built in, add


LS Series 2000 - 7000 watt Sinewave Inverters

  LS Series  2000 - 7000W

Model Volts Power 1/2 hr Surge Weight
LS 2012 12 2000 w 2200 6000 22 kg
LS 2324 24 2300 w 2800 7000 22 kg
LS 2548 48 2500 w 3000 7500 22 kg
LS 3024 24 3000 w 3700 9000 24 kg
LS 3548 48 3500 w 4100 10500 24 kg
LS 4024 24 4000 w 4500 12000 30 kg
LS 5048 48 5000 w 6000 15000 30 kg
LS 7048 48 7000 w 8500 20000 34 kg
Automatic change-over switch for generator built in, add

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