Hydromatt Solar Pool Heating


Also great for heating Fish tanks & Greenhouses, & cooling wine barrels

This is the easiest, and most efficient solar pool heating system available.

10 flattened tubes that expose the water directly to the sun, and easily connects to the PVC pipes, using unique ABS manifolds.  Efficency in good weather can be well over 90 %

How it works:

Hydromatt solar is a superior, perfectly tailored solar pool heating solution, custom fitted to your roof, so it's aesthetically appealing, unobtrusive and almost undetectable.

By pumping water through your Hydromatt solar collector fixed to your roof, the solar energy collected by the absorber is transfered to the water during it's journey. When pumped back into the pool it takes the heat with it, which warms your pool by up to 12 degrees.

Why use the Hydromatt solar pool system

The great success of the Hydromatt solar system is due to the solar collectors high efficiency.  No other flexible strip absorber system is designed like it, or can heat your pool so efficiently.

We have been supplying Hydromatt solar collector since the early eighties.  This solar collector tubing is extruded using the most up to date hi-tech equipment available.

All the polymers for hydromatt are compounded and mixed to maintain the highest quality products avaliable on the Australian market

Rootzone heating

Hydromatt's rootzone heating brings efficiency and precision growing to the commercial greenhouse by putting heat where it is needed.

The Hydromatt rootzone heating system family of products have been proven reliable for years by growers in Australia and overseas who require precise temperature control and lower heating costs.

Wine Barrel Cooling

We use Hydramatt to efficiently and cost effectively keep wine barrels chilled, by passing sub-zero fluids through the hydramatt, wrapped around the wine barrels.

Hydromatt - HD

Hydromatt H.D. is a black heavy duty 10 tube solar collector manufactured from the highest quality EPHL synthetic rubber, it has a service life of over 20 years with a 10 year warranty.

  • Efficiently heats your pool
  • Built to last in the harsh Australian climate
  • 10 year UV warranty
  • Resistant to UV, chlorine and micro-orgainc attacks
  • Resistant to hail and impact damage

  • Wet weight of hydromatt on roof - 4.25 kg/sqm
  • Dry weight (without water inside) - 3.75 kg/sqm


Thermolite PVC

Thermolite is a 10 tube commercial grade PVC solar collector.

Its special formulation makes it even more resistant to UV, chlorine and micro-organic attack (than Hydromatt HD).

Thermolite is available in a range of colours to suit your roof and colour of your house.

  • Efficiently heats your pool
  • Coloured to match, and blend with your roof
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty
  • Resistant to UV, chlorine and micro-organic attacks
  • Lightweight


Do-it-yourself  Solar Pool Heating Kits

- full installation instructions included

- phone helpline assistance included in the price

- final inspection and certification service available (local areas).

We recommend using the same surface area of your pool as the minimum amount of solar collector for most applications, obviously if you have sufficient roof space increasing this amount results in more heating.

The manual DIY system uses your existing filter pump to pump the water through the solar collector, and is best suited for singe storey and smaller installations up to 24sqm, as it will put extra load on your existing filter and pump

For larger systems without dedicated solar inlets and outlets we recommend using a booster pump, which operates in conjunction with the existing filter pump.

For pools with dedicated solar inlets and outlets a solar pump with a Lint Pot is required, (3/4 HP for single storey /1HP for double storey homes).

A Solar Controller will automate your system, turning your pump on when there is heat available, and heating to your desired temperature setting. For Booster systems use the SC2DT Digital controller as this will also control your filter pump.

All kits come with complete instructions and all components to install solar to your pool, the only added expense is 40mm pressure pipe which can be purchased locally from plumping outlets

The manual DIY system is best for single story installation. It is not reccommended for 2+ story installations as it puts excessive load on the pump & filter

H.D. Solar Matting Kit
Hydromatt & Thermalite solar heating kits contain : Collector mat, Manifolds & Grommets, 2 Way Hand Valve, 6mm Splicing Barbs, 40mm Saddles, Check Valve, 40mm Elbows, 40mm End Caps, 40mm Tees, Solvent Cement, Blunted Drill Bit, Tremsil Roof Glue 1 Tube per 4 SQ MT (Tiled Roof), EPDM Roof Strapping 50m roll (Tin roof), Vacuum Break Valve
 Optional extras available:

Booster pumps

Automatic temperature controller

Solar powered pump & controller, with 4 solar panels, frame and wiring

HD Solar Matting 25m Roll (4 Sq/M)
 Hydromatt 25m rolls (4 sqm)

Thermalite black 25m rolls
(4 sqm)

Thermalite coloured 25m rolls
(4 sqm)


  Manifold connects Hydromatt & Thermolite collector directly into standard PVC pressure pipe.  Simply drill a 14mm hole where you require the connection, push on the collector tubes, fit the grommet, and push the Manifold directly into the pipe creating a leak proof connection.

Replacement manifold & grommet sets


 Ask us to quote you for the system fully installed and working !  !  !


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