This patented, approved Australian invention, made on the Sunshine Coast is being used throughout the domestic and commercial pool industry providing huge power cost savings, along with improvements


The FutureWave Energy Saver is perfectly suited to do-it-yourself installation. There is no plumbing or wiring to install, all you do is unplug your pool pump from its mains socket, plug it into the FutureWave and then plug the FutureWave back into the mains socket. The FutureWave also plugs directly into a time switch or salt chlorinator.

It’s that easy

Under monitored trials The Future Wave has proven in the majority of cases to save 80% of the running cost for the pool pump e.g. for the average pool pump: saving approx $700.00/year (at present electricity charges) and a staggering 3 tonnes of Carbon Gas Emissions!

Not only do you make great savings, but you also save the planet!

Silent Running of Pump & Much More


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  • Along with the massive savings, benefits include:
  • Silent running of pump
  • Improved pool filtering & cleaning
  • Less wear & tear on pumps & filters
  • Suitable for Domestic & Commercial Pools
  • NO plumbing or hard wiring required
  • Advice from our experts on Power Saving Settings & Installation.

Can Be Used On Over 90% Of Existing Pumps!

The Future Wave can be used on over 90% of existing pool, spa and water feature pumps!

5 years of trials & engineering reports, have proven that The Future Wave can deliver up to 80% reduction to your Pump Power bill, also allowing the pump to be run DAY or NIGHT due to the noise reduction.

HowIt Works

 The Future Wave Energy Saver works by improving the efficiency of your pump, providing huge savings whilst still meeting the minimum flow rate requirements necessary for your pump to work effectively.

Generally pumps are unnecessarily “over worked” due to the practice of one pump to do all jobs. With a typical single speed pump that means it is large amounts of electricity regardless of whether it really needs to or not.

The Future Wave Energy Saver gives the option to select 'Maximum Savings' whereby the pre-set energy savings level will provide up to a 75% saving without dropping flow rates below the minimum requirements.

In cases where exact flow rates are required the 'Flow Adjustment' option provides the user with complete control to perfectly match the pump's output whilst achieving it's maximum savings.


Research & Development

8 years of trials & engineering reports, have proven that The Future Wave TM can deliver up to 75% reduction to your Pump Power bill, also allowing the pump to be run DAY or NIGHT due to the noise reduction.

The average pool pump uses up to 4 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions per year. The Future Wave TM is capable of reducing this amount by 75%, if it was taken into account that ½ of domestic pools in Australia used this system, the reduction of Carbon Emissions would be, at the very least 2 million tonnes. This does not take into account the huge savings in the commercial industry.

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Width 300mm

Height 400mm

Depth 190mm

Weight 6.5kg


5 Years of trials and engineering reports have been conducted to ensure the quality of the product and establish  the full extent of its energy saving capabilities. If the Future Wave Energy Saver was used in just half of the  domestic swimming pools in Australia, Carbon Emissions would be reduced by at least 2 million tonnes per year.


The Future Wave Energy Saver represents the next stage of domestic pump design and  engineering and it can be fitted to your pre-existing electric constant flow pumps and motors. Appliances that can  benefit from the Future Wave Energy Saver include:


  • Pool Pumps - Domestic or Commercial
  • Spa Filtration Pumps
  • Heat Pumps
  • Solar Water Heating for Pools
  • Water Features
  • Air Conditioning Cooling Towers
  • Irrigation
  • Water Transfer Stations
  • Agricultural applications
  • Hydroponics
  • Any application you can think of that uses an electric constant flow pump / motor.


How does the Future Wave Energy Saver work?


Most household pool pumps have single phase motors, these pumps are extremely inefficient as they use an incredible amount of energy to start. In addition, these pumps are not designed to have the speed of the motor reduced, so they stay on the one speed the entire time, the highest speed, consuming huge amounts of energy regardless of the job they are doing.


The Future Wave Energy Saver will soft start the pump motor, removing the huge initial start up demand of electricity. The pump will then operate at close to it’s normal rate for a set period while it primes the pump. When the pump is fully primed there is no need for it to draw so much energy to work effectively so the Future Wave Energy Saver will then wind the motor down to the energy saving level selected, saving significant amounts of electricity without having any detrimental effect on the running of your pool.


What This Means for You


The benefits of the Future Wave Energy Saver are significant and can have an impact on both your immediate and long term household or commercial outgoings as well as reducing your carbon footprint.


point Save Energy: 


  • Save from 50% to as high as 75% in some cases on your pump energy consumption depending on which energy saving level the Future Wave Energy Saver is set on.
  • Typical savings for a domestic pool range between $400 to $800 annually depending on pump size, hours run and tariff. Even higher again with the Dual Unit.
  • Typically we see pay back periods through savings in the range of 12 months for some commercial and 2-3 years for domestic applications depending on various parameters.


point Less Maintenance:


  • The Future Wave Energy Saver will enable the pump to last longer by significantly reducing the wear and tear on the bearings and stress on the motor.
  • Most single phase motors operate at extremely high bearing temperature which contributes to their high failure rate. Typically, a pump's bearing temperature is less than half when using the Future Wave Energy Saver.
  • The Future Wave Energy Saver unit itself does not require maintenance.


point Savings Without Comprimising Water Quality:


  • With a reduction in the speed of the motor also comes a smaller proportional reduction of water flow through the pump. This is not a bad thing as it allows the filter to clean or polish the water at a much more effective rate as the vast majority of pumps are trying to force the water through filters at a much higher rate or pressure than what is required for the optimum results being single speed pumps.


  • No need for additional use of chemicals, salt or acid.
  • Despite the reduced flow, the higher efficiency levels mean that the pump does not have to be run for longer.


  • The slightly reduced flow will not normally affect the function or effectiveness of a pool Kreepy Krauly / Barracuda device. In fact, in many cases it will improve results by reducing the cavatation effect caused by excess pressure through the cleaner head.


  • There are thousands of domestic and commercial Future Wave Energy Savers currently in operation (some units have been in operation for several years) with no water quality issues.


point Better Filtration: 


      Several Trials have been conducted to establish the filtration power of the Future Wave Energy Saver,




  • Daily monitoring at the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Buderim Aquatic Centre.
  • Two laboratory tests undertaken at the Sunshine Coast Water Test Laboratory over a month trial with no noticeable variance in water quality.
  • 4 month trials at UnderWater World and at the Peninsular Beach Front Apartments, both at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Both trials have been held over 4 months and no water quality issue has been identified.


point Noise Reduction: 


  • Once the Future Wave Energy Saver winds the motor speed down you will notice a dramatic reduction of noise, estimated to be as high as an 80% reduction.
  • Often this is a benefit for your neighbours! Many pool pumps have been put away from household’s main bedrooms and living areas due to the noise, often putting it near to a neighbour's bedroom or living room.
  • You can now run your pool pump during off-peak power periods. That's another saving!  


point Reducing your Carbon Footprint: 


  • The electricity needed to operate a normal household pool pump over a year creates about 4 tonnes of carbon to be emitted into the atmosphere. The Future Wave Energy Saver will reduce this to roughly 1 tonne of carbon being produced to operate your pool pump.
  • This is a saving of 3 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere each year.





$998.00 inc GST $1840.00 inc GST
Pricing includes 3 year warranty* & a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, plus free delivery Australia wide
 (All pricing is in Australian Dollars)

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