Solazone Polypipe Pool Heating System

Also great for heating fish tanks & propagation greenhouses

Solazone manufacture a unique poly-pipe solar water heating system, that is used extensively on metal and fibro roofs, sing the latest design in collector tubing, giving great results, similar to other, more expensive, heating systems. The system is robust, possum and cockatoo proof, easy to assemble and more economical than other available systems.

 Polypipe heating

The solar collector is made up of specially manufactured 13mm diameter tubes which are spaced at 25 mm centres for optimum absorption of both direct and reflected solar radiation. Sunlight that falls between the tubes is partially reflected onto the back of tubes, and partially absorbed by the roof surface, and re-radiated as heat onto the tubing. Regardless, we find that this type of solar collector gives great results, similar to the more expensive types, and has no problems with chemical or UV breakdown, or growth of organisms in the tubing, that could affect the health of fish or humans.

The design features of this solar collector allow it to be neatly installed in long runs of up to 100 metres, without creating excessive back pressure for the circulation pump. This results in complete use of every single collector tube, and reduced manifold and installation costs.

Heating of large pools, ponds, fish farms and greenhouses is now much simpler using the Solazone poly pipe solar collector

The manifolds are made with large polypropylene barbs that connect the solar collector tubes to the PVC header pipes, thereby reducing restrictions to water flow, and allowing more heat gain to your pool water.

Materials used in the Solazone poly heating system are designed to last in even the worst conditions, and have been carefully selected for their chemical corrosion and ultra violet resistance. Tubes are held in place by unique "wiggle" clamps that hold 10 tubes each, at the correct spacing.

Solar radiation that falls between the adjacent tubes is typically reflected by the roof surface onto the back and sides of the tubes, and contributes to the heating of the water.

 The unique features of this type of solar collector mean that it can be neatly installed around corners, and also installed onto adjoining roofs without requiring joins in the tubing.

To calculate what you need:

  1. Select the number of tubing rolls, based on the pool surface area, or the available roof area
    (We suggest using 1 roll for every 6 square metres of pool area, if that amount will fit on the roof.)
  2. Next, work out how many manifold kits you need, depending on the distance up and down the roof you wish to use.
  3. You will need a coupling set, or end caps for each manifold kit.
  4. On most roofs, you will need 8 wiggle clamps per tubing roll. Steep roofs may require more.
  5. A cut-in kit, check valve and vacuum relief valve will be required unless you are using a separate pump.

Before ordering, why not take advantage of our free design service? Just provide us with your pool and roof details, and a contact number. We can then double check your estimates.

Solazone PolyHeat Pool Heating Prices

PolyHeat Parts / Description

Prices as at march 2012
Manifold Kit (contains set of 2 pipes, 1.5 m long)
(Use 2 or 3 sets, depending on roof size)
$ 180
2 end caps, or 2 couplings (One set per manifold kit) $ 9
Polypipe tubing roll (each 200 m roll makes 9 sqm) $ 150
12 "wiggle" tubing clamps (use 1 set per roll) $ 60
Polypipe tubing joiners (bag of 10) $ 10
Vacuum relief valve $ 35
Check valve $ 38
Cut in kit (3-way valve and tee) $ 55
  • PolyHeater 10 year tubing warranty
  • Very resistant to UV & chlorine damage, and micro-organism attacks
  • Lightweight, tough & flexible


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