Pure sine wave inverter-chargers

These industrial quality pure sinewave inverter-chargers are perfect for UPS applications in frequent brown-outs.


I Panda Inverter Chargers

Made for IPanda, they feature a full LCD display.
Can be easily connected to the power grid, and will "clean up" the 240 volt power supplied by the grid.  No more blown up refrigerators, pumps or TVs due to poor quality power.

When the grid power fails, will seemlessly change over to battery power, which may be supplemented by solar panels to ensure all appliances can run all day.

This is a High Quality Uninterruptible Power Supply.

1. Automatic Voltage Regulation: 

When the grid power is unstable, this inverter provides a precise, stable voltage output.  For example, if the utility voltage drops to 190V, the output voltage of the inverter will correct your electric power to 220V ±3%, 60 Hz ±0.5, which can protect sensitive electrical equipment.

2. Emergency and back-up Power: 

When the grid power fails suddenly, or during a brown-out, the inverter becomes an environmentally-friendly power generator, running from storage batteries.   In areas without electricity, it is used as the primary power source, and provides AC power for household appliances.

3. Intelligent Battery Recharging: 

This inverter will automatically recharge the batteries from the grid when power is restored.  When connected to both the utility and a battery bank, it can be used as a UPS system, and will automatically recharge the batteries whenever grid power is available.

The charging process has three stages.
 I:  Constant current charging, this provides the fastest charge for backup power to the batteries.
 II: Constant voltage charging which charges the batteries gradually, providing enough time for the batteries to absorb energy.  This
battery electrodes are protected and battery
overcharge can be avoided.
 III: When the batteries are fully charged, the output of inverter will turn into float voltage to maintain full power state of batteries for a long time.

4.UPS Function: 

When the inverter is connected to batteries and the grid, the inverter will operate in UPS mode.
 -  When utility power is available, it will output directly after stabilizing the voltage, and also charge the batteries simultaneously.
 -  When the utility power cuts out, the system will convert battery power to AC power to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.
 -  When the utility power comes back online, the system will automatically revert to utility power supply within 5 ms, and start recharging the batteries.

1.  Pure sine wave AC output.
2.  Intelligent program control with CPU management.
3.  LCD display clearly indicates the operating status of the whole system.
4.  Multi-functions - battery charger is included, and electric appliances are protected from voltage drop.
5.  Wide application - may be used for all kinds of occasions, such as outdoor areas without electricity, industrial areas, household, office, supermarket, hospital, bank, solar system,
wind energy systems, etc;
6.  External battery connections for convenient expansion of usage time and back-up power time.
7.  High load capacity means this inverter can handle resistance loads, and also inductive loads, such as motor, air conditioner, electric drills, fluorescent lamp, etc;
8.  High quality, low frequency circuit design & stable system design means low failure rate and long service life.
9.  Fully proteced against low voltage, over voltage, high temperature, short circuit and overload.
10.  CE and RoHS approved.
11.  Two years warranty, lifelong technical assistance.

Technical Specifications - Low Frequency Pure SineWave Inverter

Continuous rated output
Dimensions Weight
500 VA
350 w
 12v / 24v 315*210*120 7 kg
700 VA 500 w
 12v / 24v 315*210*120 8 kg
1000 VA 700 w
 24v 390*140*210 12 kg
1500 VA 1000 w
 24v 390*140*210 14 kg
2000 VA 1500 w
 24v / 48v 400*180*320 20 kg
3000 VA 2000 w
 24v / 48v 400*180*320 23 kg
4000 VA 3000 w
 24v / 48v 400*180*320 31 kg
5000 VA 3500 w
 48v / 96v 400*180*320 40 kg
6000 VA 4000 w
 48v / 96v 465*245*465 50 kg
7000 VA 5000 w
 48v / 96v 465*245*465 53 kg
8000 VA 6000 w
 96v / 192v 465*245*465 57 kg
10000 VA 7000 w
 96v / 192v 465*245*465 68 kg
15000 VA 10000 w
 96v / 192v 570*265*600 78 kg


Input Voltage(AC):  220V ±35%
Frequency:  60Hz ±3%
Output (AC) Voltage AC: 220V ±3% or AC: 230V ±3%
Frequency:  60Hz ±0.5
Output wave form:  Pure sine wave (Waveform distortion ≤3%)

LCD Display shows
Input voltage, Output voltage, Frequency,
Battery capacity, load capacity, operating mode.
Output wave type:  Pure Sine wave (Waveform distortion ≤3%)
Overload capacity:  120% for 60 seconds, 130% for 10 seconds
Inverter efficiency:  Average 90%
Transfer time:  ≤5 ms

Protections provided
Output overload protection,Output short-circuit protection,
Battery reverse-polarity protection, Input high-voltage protection ,
Input low-voltage protection, Overtemperature protection;
Operating temperature range: -10 ~ +60 ℃
Allowable humidity: 10% ~ 90%, Non-condensing
Working altitude: up to 4000m
Cooling:  Forced Ventilation (fan cooled)


Specification of Solar Power Inverter with Built-in Solar Controller Ipanda solar inverter philippines

1)Off-grid power generation system
1) Independent off-grid solar energy generation system.
2) Suitable for no-utility areas, where there is need for continuous use of a solar energy energy system.

2)Grid back-up AC first (utility comes first) power generation system

1) Two modes of battery charging: AC grid charging and solar charging.
2) When connected to both batteries and the utility power, the inverter will preferentially drive the
loads with utility power.  When the utility power cuts off, the inverter will automatically switch over to drive the loads from the batteries.  This is AC first  - solar energy energy and utility power complement each other as power generation system.
3) When connected to the batteries and without utility power, the inverter will directly drive the loads from batteries.  This is like an off-grid solar energy generation system
4) This system is suitable for using during brown-outs as a power generation system, or in no
utility areas as an independent energy generation system.

3) Grid back-up DC first (DC to AC inverter first) power generation system

1) One mode of charging: only solar energy charging.
2) When connected to both batteries and utility power, the inverter will preferentially drive the
loads with DC power from batteries.  When the capacity of batteries is not enough ,the inverter
will automatically switch to drive the loads with utility power.  This is DC-first solar energy and
utility power complements the power generation system;
3) When connected to the batteries without utility power, the machine will directly drive the loads with DC power from batteries. This is like an off-grid solar energy generation system.
4) This system is suitable for using in expensive electric charge areas, environmental protection areas,
where the solar energy system can be made full use of, this actually saves using the utility; such as home
solar energy generation system, solar streetlight generation system, etc.

 How to install Ipanda inverter


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