Commercial Solar Power Systems

Reduce electricity costs, PLUS get brown-out protection.

For an optimum solar power system, ask for ‘no charge, no obligation’ assessment to find out if your site is suitable.

Solar being installed at Batanes General Hospital, July 2015

Solar panels being installed at a hospital, July 2015.

We can assess your site, measure the building or ground space, and check for other factors, such as shading from surrounding buildings or trees.

We have the know-how and experience.  We also check the existing electrical systems for safety, and advise the best connection points for your system, as part of our service.

We engineer every system.  We evaluate site data, consider building layout and site conditions, and design your solar system for maximum output.


Commercial solar inverters Philippines

We use professional project management processes which ensure the timely and effective delivery of your solar project.

Solazone is a professional solar company with qualified people, dedicated to your renewable energy project. We manage all aspects of your project, with particular emphasis on safety and the environment.

Solar systems usually require minimal maintenance, however annual cleaning and checks of the electrical connections are recommended to maintain good performance.   Systems which include wind turbines require more maintenance, as specified by the manufacturers.

 Inverters for commercial solar

For optimum brown-out solutions we recommend the SP Pro - Kaco combination


Boost your Green Credentials

Protect the environment, and everyone can see you doing it.

By installing solar power your business can reduce its carbon footprint by tonnes each year, and at the same time deliver significant savings to your bottom line.

Not only do you reduce your electricity costs by selling excess power back to the grid, but you will be able to claim depreciation and tax credit

Solar panels are also a statement about a company’s long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility. 


Benefits for a business:

NO power bill at all, or a reduced electricity bill, depending on size.
Get credit for excess power fed back into the grid.
Tax paid claimed back.
Depreciate the asset to reduce taxable income each year.
Solar panels, once installed, keep generating free power.
Battery back-up - never lose power - overcome brown-outs.


  -  We engineer all size systems.

 -  Some are budget-priced, and others are very sophisticated.

 -  Your solar system is tailored to suit your needs.

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