Solar power for brownouts

Brown outs cause big disruptions to homes and business. 

You can get a solar-powered system for brownout protection, just like this. 

Many areas in Philippines can have up to six hours per day of brownouts, and these solar power systems automatically replace the electric grid using solar and battery power, ensuring the fridge and other essentials keep running.

As well as that, we supply larger industrial solar power systems that automatically ensure correct voltage and frequency, regardless of what the grid supply offers to the premises, if anything at all.

 1. Goodwe hybrid inverter system.

Goodwe 5kw hybrid inverter

The 5kw Goodwe GW5048ES inverter will give you reliable power at all times, whether there is grid power available or not.

It operates like a normal grid inverter when there is power coming from the grid, saving you money, and charging batteries.

Goodwe hybrid battery back-up inverter system

That is, it recharges batteries, whilst contributing to the house loads during the day, reducing the power you purchase from the grid.

Goodwe 5kw battery back up

Any extra solar power that is generated, and is not required for the house or charging batteries, may be exported for credit.

- If that is not permitted, we can set the control for that, to zero, or any other amount.

Samal Island 3kw hybrid solar system

If the grid fails, the solar panels still feed the house back-up circuits during the day, with batteries taking up any extra loads.

At night, when there is no solar power, the house runs from the batteries, and uses the grid to top up - you set the change-over point you prefer. 

Battery size can be large or small, to suit your household and budget needs.  Battery size can always be increased, if the need arises.



 2.  Selectronic SP PRo solar systems.

 - The best there is.  

 - Single phase, three phase, 3kw to 100kw.  

 - Designed and made in Australia.   Guarantees you the performance you need.

 SPPRO family Gen2-350


Featuring the Selectronics SP Pro, with Kaco or ABB inverters in combination, it allows up to 30 kw of solar panels to be connected per phase on the ac bus, with automatic battery charging, and sophisticated 5 stage battery management.

Solar panels being fitted to Batanes General Hospital.

Solar panels at Batanes General Hospital

Single phase can supply continuous lights and power for up to 20 kw from the batteries.

Add up to another 40 kw directly from the solar panels during the day, or add generator power to the ac bus on top of that.

Selectronic inverter installation at Gimaras


For three phase systems, the total continuous output is up to 120 kw during the day.  There are a range of models available to suit any load.

The Selectronic SP Pro inverter will assist in "cleaning up" sub-standard grid supply electricity, as it will disconnect the grid supply if it falls outside the set parameters.    It can quickly pay for itself, just by reduced repairs to damaged equipment.

It features seemless change-over from battery to grid and back again, which means no interruption to power supply and less machine repairs or maintenance.


Configuring the Selectronic system


Expandable - further extension of the off-grid power capacity can easily be installed, by just adding more batteries, and/or solar panels.


Computer display of Selectronic data


Sizes start from the 3.3 KVA pure sine wave inverter-charger, and go up to 20kw.

The regulation of the solar panels is by means of Kaco or ABB grid-connect inverters, connected directly to the ac bus that powers the building, and is finely controlled by the SP Pro inverter, which connects to the batteries.


 2.  Cosuper sinewave inverter solar power systems.


cosuper solazone signwave inverter



Supplies continuous light and power from 1 kw up to 10 kw total, for up to 10 hours per day during solar input, and up to 6 hours per night.


For smaller continuous loads, the time periods are extended.


Power capacity can be increased by adding more batteries and / or solar panels.


Equipment included  is 1 - 10 KVA 24 volt pure sine wave inverter-charger that will ensure that you always have stand-by power that automatically and seamlessly converts the house loads to batteries whenever there is a brownout.



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