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Good quality, grid-connected solar systems, that will save you money.

Quality, reliable, long-lasting solar panels.

Internationally-acclaimed inverters.

Strong, anaodised aluminium mounting systems.

Protected by fuses and isolators.

Monitor the performance on computer or smart phone.

Let's find the best on-grid solar system for your application. 

2kw solar panels General Santos


  • Solazone Philippines Corp is a Philippines-owned company.
  • We use solar technology from Australia, Philippines and China
  • We install to Australian standards (leading the world in quality)
  • We use our own well-trained filipino technicians. 


Our technicians come from colleges in Davao, Digos and Mati, and are trained by Australian and Filipino trainers.

Goodwe 2kw solar inverter General Santos

goodwe inverter display


Installing our quality Simax on-grid solar panels, from 200 watt to 320 watt, to suit your purpose.  

Reliable solar panels, with long 12 year linear warranty, 25 year output guarantee, backed locally, and solidly mounted on any roof, and provide a wide variety of solar solutions. 

We don't sell B grade solar panels, or those that don't last the warranty period.  You can always be sure of our quality products.

Cagayan 3kw solar power system



 How much power can I expect to generate ?

For every one kilowatt of installed solar panels, the following table will give you a rough estimate of the power that you can expect to generate.  Remember that shading, cloud cover, dust and pollution can affect the output of any individual solar power system.  To estimate the size solar system that will completely run your house, look at the average kwhr usage per day on a recent power bill, then divide  by the relevant figure in the table below:

Average kwh/day per kw
Best month
Worst month
Annual average
General Santos

Most homes in the Philippines are connected to the electricity grid, which uses alternating current electricity (AC). 

Solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity, so a power inverter is used to transform the DC electricity into AC electricity, suitable for household needs. 

Houses with grid-connected solar power use their solar-generated power first, before sourcing extra electricity from the grid, when needed.  This can immensely reduce your power cost during the day.

When the solar panels cannot supply sufficient electricity (for example at night), electricity is supplied as normal from the electricity grid.   For solar systems with optional battery backup, power stored in the batteries can be used at night, or during brownouts.

Solar power is a zero-emission electricity source.  One megawatt hour of solar-derived electricity avoids approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide being dumped into the atmosphere.

You can use solar power to run your home, business, factory, warehouse, resort, signage or shop.

Just ask us how we can best assist you.


Standard grid solar power systems:

   1.0kw solar panels with 1.5kw inverter.

4 x 250w Simax solar panels, alloy mounting frames, Goodwe 1.5kw inverter, 2 x 1000v DC isolators, AC isolator & safety signs.

   1.5kw solar panels with 1.5kw inverter.

6 x 250w Simax solar panels, alloy mounting frames, Goodwe 1.5kw inverter, 2 x 1000v DC isolators, AC isolator & safety signs.

   2kw solar panels with 2kw inverter.

8 x 250w Simax solar panels, alloy mounting frames, Goodwe 2kw inverter, 2 x 1000v DC isolators, AC isolator & safety signs.

   3kw solar panels with 3kw inverter.

12 x 250w Simax solar panels, alloy mounting frames, Goodwe 3kw inverter, 2 x 1000v DC isolators, AC isolator & safety signs.

   5kw solar panels with 5kw inverter.

20 x 250w Simax solar panels, alloy mounting frames, Goodwe 4.6kw inverter, 4 x 1000v DC isolators, AC isolator & safety signs.


Hints to quickly reduce your power costs:

   Electric hot water can use up to 1/3 of the total household power use. Changing to solar water heating can substantially reduce this.

   Biggest power users are air conditioners, electric pumps, refrigerators and freezers, electric stoves, halogen downlights and large plasma TVs. Try to minimise the use of these, and switch off when not in use.

Reducing the use of these will save on power bills. 

Reduce use of the air conditioner (heat pump) by installing a solar ventilator.

Swap your old pool pump for a solar powered pump, or

Change your most-used lights to low energy LED lights.

   Stand-by loads, such as the little red lights, and appliances waiting on stand-by, all increase the cost of power.  

Switch off at the wall where possible, or use a power-saver switch to reduce wasted power consumption.


 10 tips for buying a solar power system:

 1. Be an informed consumer.
Research your options, be clear on your needs and compare at least two quotes.

 2. Know your electricity consumption.
Understand your power use; you can reduce your solar system size, by being energy smart.

 3. Get an estimate of how much energy your system will generate.
Your sales contract should include an estimate of the average daily output of your system in kilowatt-hours (based on where you live and the size and position of your system).

 4. Check with your electricity provider.
Know what rate you can get for electricity you generate, and how this will affect your power bill.

5. Always use an experienced Installer.
You can check if your installer is trainer and accredited.

6. Avoid signing up on the spot.
Take the time to understand the up-front costs, warranties and pay-back of your solar power system.

 7. Use products that meet international standards.
Check the solar panels and inverters meet the safety and performance standards.

8. Check the product warranties and work guarantees.
Know who is providing the warranty (manufacturer or importer) and how long it lasts.

 9. Keep the documentation.
A copy of your contract is necessary to resolve anycomplaints or misunderstandings you may have.

 10. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

SMA inverter 3000TL 5000TL

Do you qualify as a sales agent to represent Solazone Philippines in your area?   

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