Solar Ventilators

  Powerful home heat extraction and roof space ventilation, without electricity bills or carbon emissions!
  Solar-powered exhaust fan - No running cost - Increased comfort - Save on your bill !
  Reduce other air conditioning and cooling costs

solar roof ventilator

The solar ventilator works effectively at extracting heat from your home, work environment or wherever excessive heat can be a problem.   With solar energy, you can reduce operating costs for your home air conditioning, whilst still enjoying the use of an effective solar cooling system.


Using a solar ventilator to remove hot air from the roof space, and stop heat being radiated down directly into the interior of the building.

Solar ceiling ventilator

Eliminating the heat build up in your roof space reduces the heat load on your ceiling and therefore stops heat from penetrating into your living space.  This results in lower internal temperatures and could save you money by reduced cooling cost while at the same time increasing your comfort.    Solar ventilators can also be used to remove the heat build up directly from the room, into the roof space, and then outside.

 SW3If you are using air conditioning – a solar ventilator will increase the efficiency of your system as the stuffy, stale and warm air will be removed – and your system therefore won’t be required to work nearly as hard.

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New all-aluminium model shown above -

designed specifically for high performance, and built extra strong for long life, in the Philippines climate.



Thermostats are available.   With a thermostat installed the Solar Ventilator will only operate when the temperature exceeds the temperature set on the thermostat.

The fixed thermostat is set to 30 degrees Celsius, and is usually installed in the roof cavity close to the Solar Ventilator.

The adjustable thermostat is adjustable and has an on/ off switch on the side of the unit. The adjustable thermostat can be installed in the roof cavity, or in special cases a room below the unit, so it can be easily adjusted.

solazone installation team


The Eave Vents are made from galvanized steel with a hole size of 1.9 mm and comply with the Australian Standard “Eaves ventilation openings greater than 3 mm shall be fitted with ember guards made of non-combustible material, or a mesh, or perforated sheet with a maximum aperture of 2 mm made of corrosion-resistant steel for construction in Bush Fire Prone areas”.

Eave Vents should be installed when installing a solar ventilator on a sealed roof, to allow sufficient air flow into the roof cavity.  A minimum of four eave vents should be used for each installation, one vent on each side of the house, to allow even air flow into the roof cavity.

If the house has no eaves then an alternative must to be found. You can use tile vents, or cowls near the corners of the houses. Remember, air behaves like people – it takes the path of least resistance – meaning that the solar ventilator will draw the most air from the biggest or closest vents. Another alternative would be to use a gable vent (if the house has a gable).

Ceiling vents draw the replacement air from inside the house.  These can be especially effective for double storey houses. If the house has a garage, you can install a vent opening into the garage to improve air flow.

solar panels for the kitchen fan

Day and Night Operation Pack

The Day and Night Operation Pack allows the Solar Ventilator to operate at night, or when there is insufficient sunlight to operate the fan.  The main use is to continue removing the hot air from roof cavities or inside the house on hot nights.

When installing the Day and Night Operation Pack we include a much larger solar panel, regulator and a battery, to allow the Solar Ventilator to run 24 hours day.

Kitchen Ventilation Pack - Ceiling mounted fan with battery back-up

A 24 volt DC system that has the fan running from solar panels during the day, and a solar-charged battery at night.   Works really well !

solar kitchen ceiling fan

battery and controller for kitchen fan

Optional extras

Fixed Temp. Thermostat.
Adjustable Temp. Thermostat. 
Eave Vent - Eave Vent Galvanised Steel. 
Night Operation Components include 12V power pack & relay.

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