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What is BioMagic?

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BioMagic is an industrial bio-stimulant that is non-hazardous and completely biodegradable.


Its properties allow for instant odour elimination upon contact with malodorous molecules and can be used in the treatment of liquid and solid organic waste.   The formula is designed to hyper-accelerate the activity of indigenous microbes, mainly facultative anaerobes, inhabiting waste stream environments by providing an abundance of oxygen (electron acceptor) for metabolism to occur.   Because of BioMagic’s structure and properties, one of which, is the molecule negative net charge, it acts as an oxidizing agent in atmospheric conditions as well which adds to BioMagic’s uniqueness by allowing the instantaneous oxidation of malodorous compounds, thereby eliminating atmospheric odours on contact.

In Summary:

  •   BioMagic is comprised of Oxygen, Water and Nitrogen. It is safe on the skin, harmless to animals and very good for the environment 
  •   BioMagic is a non-biocide, non-enzyme, non-bacterial, non-volatile, pH neutral liquid that may be sprayed on or mixed with odour producing organic waste  
  •   BioMagic contains no perfume or colouring. It does not ‘"mask" the odour, it eliminates it 
  •   BioMagic contains 30 or more times the amount of oxygen and nutrients available of all known products now available  
  •   BioMagic is a hydrated compound. Hydrated means that BioMagic attracts moisture. Keeping bacteria moist allows the bacteria to keep working. It also contains a surfactant that allows it to migrate into a biomass 

Please note that BioMagic is not made from Sodium Nitrate or Calcium Nitrate or a mixture of the two products. Many companies are selling Sodium or Calcium Nitrate and claiming some of the same properties and results of the BioMagic formula.

Why does BioMagic work so well?

BioMagic reaction with organic material (Biomass) is the same as nature’s reaction, only highly accelerated by the addition of large amounts of oxygen. When BioMagic is sprayed on or mixed with odour producing organic material, odours in gaseous state including Hydrogen Sulphide are eliminated by oxidation.
BioMagic works fast to eliminate long term odours and decompose organic material. There are many types of bacteria found in organic waste. They utilise their environment in different manners for energy and building materials needed for growth and reproduction. Most of these bacteria’s can be either anaerobic (no oxygen) or aerobic (with oxygen) and are called facultative. Facultative means, being able to exist in more than one state.

Instant Odour Elimination. The reduction or elimination of the production of odour takes the time that is required for the bacteria to change states, (anaerobic to aerobic).  The aerobic condition lasts as long as the oxygen is available.

BioMagic OXIDISES H2S INSTANTLY.  Mixing BioMagic into a solution chemically eliminates the Hydrogen Sulphide. Spraying BioMagic in the air chemically eliminates the Hydrogen Sulphide instantly.  The odour control results are therefore for all practical purposes, INSTANT.
In the presence of sufficient Oxygen and nutrients, bacteria will become aerobic. In the aerobic form, the bacteria can consume about seven to ten times the waste compared to the anaerobic state and they do not produce Hydrogen Sulphide, thus eliminating odours.
The corrosion associated with Hydrogen Sulphide is eliminated.  Hydrogen Sulphide mixed with water produces sulphuric acid.
BioMagic affects aerobic bacteria in ways no other compounds do.  The chemicals in BioMagic hyper activate the aerobic bacteria beyond what is expected from just adding dissolved oxygen.
Aerobic bacteria are more active and are about five to seven times more efficient than anaerobic bacteria at digesting organic material. The BioMagic treated bacteria will consume more organic solids, the bacteria population will rapidly increase and be healthier and faster, without the production of odours.

How BioMagic Works

BioMagic treats the cause instead of the symptom and works in a far superior way to products that mask or absorb the odours. BioMagic provides a practical and economical way of supplying oxygen and nutrients in a hydrated chemical form. BioMagic allows the facultative bacteria to become and remain aerobic, effectively eliminating sulphide production and actually prevents odours from being produced. For neutralising biomass, BioMagic acts the same as Mother Nature’s bio-cycle, only hyper-accelerated.
Bacteria in a waste solution are living organisms that need energy to survive and digest solids. They get energy through the composting process of organic material. Oxygen, which is vital to the composting process, is supplied in one of three ways, sulphate, air, or nitrate.
Anaerobic state: Air and nitrate sources are limited in most waste systems, so oxygen is derived from the sulphates found in waste material. As a result, Hydrogen Sulphide is produced, which causes the foul odours and heavy corrosion of machinery and plumbing.
The Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) mixes with water (H2O) to form sulphuric acid (H2SO4.) Sulphuric acid is very corrosive. Anaerobic bacteria will also produce Methane Gas. Methane (CH4 ) is a colourless and odourless flammable gas.
Aerobic state: Supplying oxygen by aeration provides about 3 to 8 PPM (parts per million) of dissolved oxygen. There is virtually unlimited oxygen and nutrients made available by utilising BioMagic In the dilution recommended, BioMagic supplies 350 to 400 PPM of oxygen. One treatment can keep the bacteria aerobic for days, weeks, or longer. Aerobic bacteria do not produce Hydrogen Sulphide but produces carbon dioxide, which plants need to produce oxygen.
It works using nature itself to make decaying materials break down up to 7 times faster, but without the associated smells. BioMagic instantly destroys smells.

BioMagic compared to other products...

Is a very strong biocide that stops all bacterial action. Chlorine dissipates rapidly, in hours. When the chlorine is dissipated, the smell returns. Chlorine is not environmentally friendly. Although chlorine is cheap and is available in many forms, it is not good for people, animals or the environment.
Hydrogen Peroxide
Is also a strong biocide that stops all bacterial action. Hydrogen Peroxide is an unstable compound that is easily made into water by sunlight. Hydrogen Peroxide dissipates in hours like chlorine. Hydrogen Peroxide in concentrate is not cheap and is difficult to store and use.
Enzyme products have a shorter shelf life and are basically a catalyst that allows the existing bacteria to utilise the dissolved oxygen better. BioMagic supplies so much oxygen that adding an enzyme product does not noticeably improve the aerobic bacterial action except in the situation where large amounts of dissolved oxygen is available. However, when the dissolved oxygen is consumed, the bacteria revert to the anaerobic state. Test have shown that in a situation where aeration of the biomass is generating 7 to 8 PPM of dissolved oxygen, an enzyme may reduce the amount of BioMagic required.
Adding large amounts of bacteria will jump-start the digestion of a biomass. However, the natural bacteria in the presence of large amounts of oxygen will grow and multiply and accomplish the exact same results, making adding bacteria unnecessary. Bacteria have a limited shelf life.
Oxygenated Water
Several products claim to have extra oxygen in their solution. These products are made from fish and other organic decaying products. Lab tests of these products have shown that they do have a small effect on the bacterial growth.
Non-Organic perfume from Blue/Green Chemicals
This chemical simply covers the original odour with a real "noxious" odour that is hard to get rid of. It has no real power to eliminate odours and does nothing to neutralise biomass. It simply tries to cover one odour with another.

 Product features

  • BioMagic has an unlimited shelf life, is not voidable, does not decompose by normal sunlight, is a hydrated compound that keeps moisture available for bacterial action.
  • BioMagic works by accelerating nature’s process, it is safe on the skin, harmless to animals, good for the environment.
  • BioMagic has the most oxygen available of any known product. BioMagic costs much less that enzymes or bacteria.
  • BioMagic has no competition when compared to other products currently available. There is no competition in cost, in the elimination of odour, or taking a biomass aerobic. Nothing takes a biomass aerobic faster or more economically than BioMagic.

CAUTION:   Do not allow BioMagic to freeze.   If BioMagic becomes frozen, bring to 55 degrees, stirring constantly.


Odorstop 250 ml Spray bottle
Odorstop Regular 750 ml spray bottle
Odorstop Heavy Duty 750 ml spray bottle
Small waste tank 500 ml bottle
Small waste tank 1 litre bottle with measure chamber
Small waste tank 5 litre plastic container
Small waste tank 10 litre
BIO Septiclean 5 litre (for long drops & septic tanks)
BIO Septiclean 10 litre (for long drops & septic tanks)
Pets & Vets 750 ml spray bottle

Large Waste Tanks 1 litre bottle with measure chamber

Large Waste Tanks 5 litre bottle with measure chamber


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